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​​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

What is the National Guarantee Fund?

The National Guarantee Fund (FNG) is the entity through which the Government seeks to facilitate access to credit for micro, small and medium enterprises by providing guarantees. Additionally, the FNG supports loans to finance the acquisition of social housing.


is a commercial character corporation of mixed economy, subject to the rules of industrial and commercial enterprises.

·We are an entity linked to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

·Supervised by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia since 2004.

What is the Business Line?

Aimed at companies considered SMEs develop any economic activity other than the primary agricultural sector.

What is the VIS Line?

Directed to entities that extend credit to microenterprises or VIS buyers and that this request to a credit institution or a financial intermediary rediscount.

What features has the Multipurpose Business Guarantee?

Up to $ 1,200 million. (US$600.000)

Coverage up to 50%.

Unlimited credit period.

Destination: working capital, fixed investment and business capitalization.

What are the characteristics of the Microcredit Guarantee?

Up to $ 14.1 Million for 2012. $15,4 MM en 2014. (USD$8.000)

Coverage up to 25 SMMV 2013 50%

Maximum credit term: 36 months.

Destination: working capital and fixed investment.

What are the characteristics of Financial Leasing Guarantee?

Up to $ 800 Million.(US$400.000)

Coverage up to 50%

Unlimited credit period.

Destination: Fixed investment.

What are the characteristics of the Rotative Guarantee?

Up to $ 700 million. (US$350.000) Rotative Guarantee

Coverage up to 50%.

Unlimited credit period.

Unlimited credit period.

How do I know what kind of company I am for the FNG?

Classification According to its total Assets:

Micro <=500 (minimum wage)

Small >500 y 5000 (minimum wage)

Medium >5000 <=30000 (minimum wage)

What are the characteristics of the beneficiaries of the FNG?

Natural or legal person

SMEs domiciled in Colombia

Qualified in risk category "AA" or "A"

Companies belonging to any sector of the economy (except credit financing for the agricultural sector, because for them there is the support of the Agricultural Guarantee Fund, administered by Finagro).

What are the Steps to Get To Guarantee FNG?

Step 1.

The company or person concerned should see a financial intermediary which will grant the credit

Step 2.

Before being granted the guarantee, the beneficiary must sign the No. 2 Annex.

Step 3.

The financial institution shall request the FNG guarantee.

Step 4.

Financial intermediaries should disburse the loan. "The employer realized steps only before the financial institution

What benefits does the National Guarantee Fund have for the beneficiary?

1. It facilitates access to loans for individuals or companies that do not have sufficient collateral or low capital backing.

2. It increases the chances of loan approval in a better position in terms of amount, rate and term.

3. The warranty is moderately priced (less than other types)

4. The employer realized steps only before the financial institution

5. Agility in obtaining the guarantee (the procedures for obtaining warranty are substantially less than the constitution of other guarantees). Quickly allowing the disbursement.

6. Expands the volume of loans to MSMEs.

7. Tax benefits and discounts.

8. The commission that the company pays the FNG is considered as a financial expense.

9. The Colombian Tax Statute allows for some benefits in reducing taxes on individuals or corporations that engage in these financial expenses.

10. ​Legal holders to avail Tax benefits are as follows:

· Article 107

· Article 485

· Article 488

Should I anticipate any procedures at the FNG?

The company doesn´t have to make any procedures before the FNG for the guarantee.

What is the maximum amount that can be guaranteed by the FNG?

The maximum value defined by any debtor in FNG is One Thousand Two Hundred Million Pesos ($ 1.200 million) in collateral value. (US$600.000)

Do I need a company formally constituted to access the guarantee?

It is not necessary, considering that our guarantee can be directed to individuals.

Can I have multiple loans with different financial intermediaries using the FNG guarantee?

Yes, as long it does not exceed the maximum amount guarantee by any debtor. ($

What factors can vary the rate of commission?

Credit Amount.

The Financial Intermediary.

Term Credit.

The Product.​

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