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Working Capital:

It is the destination of a guaranteed obligation aimed to grant liquidity or current assets that a business needs for normal development of activities such as those on procurement of inventory of raw materials, payments, advances to suppliers, staff costs resources; and payments for utilities, lease rentals and availability of cash to meet incidental expenses.


Legal act accessory that is derived from a primary obligation of a debtor against a buffer, whereby the FNG is obligated to pay all or part of the secured obligation upon default by the debtor.

Financial Intermediary:

It is the credit institution or entity that holds the quality of a creditor of the obligation, which is the client of the FNG.

​Fixed Investment:

It is one destination in an obligation that is oriented to the investments made by companies in the facilities of the production unit to allow the development of the business of the debtor, such as land, buildings and structures, as well as machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures, vehicles and tools.

​Guarantee Line:

Lines of business through which the FNG develops different guarantee products according to the needs of each segment.

​Guarantee Products:

It is that kind of guarantee which has technical, financial and individual market.

​Primary Sector:

This is made up of economic activities that are involved in the transformation of natural resources into primary unprocessed products.

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