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Basic Standards

Described at next, the basic standards applicable to FNG S.A will be announced:

- Ordinance 3788 of December 29 of 1981 (29/DEC/1981) "Instituto de Fomento Industrial (IFI) and Corporación Financiera popular are authorized to engage on the structure of the constitution in FNG S.A.

- Public deed Nº 130 of Febrary 16 of 1982 "FNG S.A creation statute".

- Ordinance 0769 of March 15 of 1983 (15/MAR/1983) "In which the Ordinance 3788 of December 29 of 1981 is modified (The social object of FNG S.A is modified – The users conditions are changed in terms of the services.

- Ordinance 0897 of March 25 of 1983 (25/MAR/1983) "In which is granted an authorization to Fondo de Promoción de Exportaciones, PROEXPO, and the Ordinance 3788 of 1981 is added.

-Ordinance 1784 of July 11 of 1997 (11/JUL/1997) "In which the additions and biased reforms of the statues of FNG S.A are approved."

- Ordinance 1498 of August 3 of 1998 (03/AUG/1988) "In which the additions to the statutes of FNG S.A are approved." (The social object is enlarged). -Ordinance 1217 of June 30 of 1998 (30/JUN/1998) "In which the biased reforms to the statutes of FNG S.A are approved."

-Ordinance 1202 of June 15 of 1994 (15/JUN/1994) "In which the reform, compilation and update of the statutes of FNG S.A are approved."

-Ordinance 1155 of May 18 of 1984 (18/MAY/1984) "In which is grant an authorization to Fondo Nacional de Exportaciones, PROEXPO" (The engagement in the social stock in trade belonging to FNG S.A of PROEXPO is increased).

- Ordinance 2751 of December 19 of 1994 (19/DEC/1994) "In which the biased reform in the FNG S.A statutes is approved.

-Ordinance 1963 of November 8 of 1995 (08/NOV/1995) "In which a biased reform of the FNG S.A statutes is approved".

-Law 795 of January 14 of 2003 Chapter III (09/JUL/2008) "In the article 48 on the law 795 which substitute the chapter III of the tenth in the Organic statute of the financial system, submitting the FNG S.A to the supervision made by the banking superintendence and the prudential laws in solvency margin, technical heritage, technical booking constitution or any other legal norm determinate by the government since January 1 of 2004. The authorized operations are announced. In the development of trade transactions are included all goods received in pay quality.

-Ordinance 1324 of April 28 of 2005 (28/APR/2005) "In which the minimal parameters of solvency, technical heritage, technical booking of FNG S.A, are established."

-Ordinance 2075 of June 9 of 2010 (09/06/2010) "In which a new operation for the FNG S.A is authorized."

- Public Deed No. 991 of April 24 of 2012 "Current social statutes of FNG S.A".

FNG S.A issue two types of circulars editions: "normative" and "informative", the purpose of each one is to give general information to everyone who needs it.

In this space, FNG S.A let engage in a modify proposal of the guarantee regulation to every bank intermediary, but it only will be active for (5) labor days.

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